As my day got started today it was dark, kind of misty, and very foggy.   Wow, great way to start Halloween! The fog was so thick you need to just creep along and watch out for the creatures of the night. (Yes in my area there are lots of creatures and animals that dart out at you on the road), it reminded me of the lesson last Sunday. DEEP! DARK! HOLE!


Staircase to success

Have you ever been in a hole or just lost and cannot get out or find your way?   It can be an eerie feeling and be frustrating, devastating, lonely, and let alone scary! Many feelings go through your thoughts and you wonder and worry or think who or what is going to save me. Am I going to be stuck here, what can I do?


Been in a Hole?


Starting something new can seem like you are in a deep, dark hole? Or maybe you feel stuck in what you are doing now.   I am telling you now there is help out there, you just need to be creative, step out of your comfort zone, close your eyes for a while and imagine.   Put your affirmations down on paper and recite them every day.   I promise you they will help you find a way to get out of your deep, dark, hole!



Get some help, there are mentors in this world in many forms.   Not just the ones who get paid to do it, but you will be surprised who can be your mentor.   Your best friend or that person you bumped walking in the hall or at the mall. You can find them in the strangest places. Just listen and learn how to talk to people, they are quite fascinating. Learn how to be yourself and let go. Blogging has helped me do just that and now I teach others how to get started doing just that.



My Ladder


I have found that blogging is the ladder I have found to help me out of my hole! It has helped me find me again. Here is my story. Enjoy and if I can do it so can you!


Now, yesterday, and tomorrow words on blackboard, Time concept.

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