What Was I Suppose to Remember? My Memory?


Memory, It can be a wonderful thing and then again it can get lost in that thing we call a brain. Every day I try to do things just a little different, it’s called a brain exercise. Yes, we need to exercise that muscle too. We tend to forget sometimes that we rely on the brain and our memory for just about everything we do. Not just thinking of the grocery list or the errands you need to run, but it is your subconscious, and where your life is taking you.

Our challenge for blogging today was to talk about memory. (Want your Saturday challenge? CLICK HERE) 






In my business we are always making affirmations, things we want to strive for, but these take writing them down and remembering them. Yes the memory again, to truly get what you want and keep it in your subconscious, it is doing things over and over again, reading, practicing, writing, and exercising. That is the only way you will not forget.



Today I give you an exercise, concentrate on what you do. Talk, walk, sit, stand, eat, find things in the cupboard, put your clothes on. Read, write, and use your pencil. These all come from memory. Do something a little different today and see how you feel. Energized? Just try it, you might surprise yourself.


I have been dealing with my older parents whose memory is failing and I now know that little things can help. Writing them down and repeating them just like your affirmations. Keeping clues around that point to what you need to remember. I am a good one for sticky notes. Keeping the counters clean and having certain places for certain things, that way you know just where they are.


The tool


You brain can be a great tool for whatever you are doing. Keep it healthy, eat right and exercise. Stay active and blog. Keep a smile on your face and stay as happy as you can. (Stress level down). Also:

Greet people, say Hello
Offer Help
Be nice
Make small talk
Establish an exit line. It paves the way for the next meeting and helps you make a better friend.

Want to learn more about setting your affirmations and goals, and getting more out of life. Set up a blog, I am so glad I found it, you can too. Follow me here.


LifeTo your memory,


11 thoughts on “What Was I Suppose to Remember? My Memory?

  1. Concentrating on the moment is a great exercise. Very meditative. I, too have a mother with a failing memory. It’s difficult to deal with at times. :/ But notes are helpful!

    1. Memory can be very tricky, Some days are good and other not. I hope your mother is doing OK. I have cried many times watching it happen. If you need someone to listen to I am here.

  2. Writing things down–that is hard for me. I used to make lists, but they were so long that they discouraged me, so I quit. But, maybe I should try writing down my goals for the day. It couldn’t hurt, could it?

    1. A great way to get your lists shorter, I found if you just put down five and work on them first. Then you feel you accomplished something. Or just blog about you to do list and its done.

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