Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

What do I do

Every day we are faced with decisions. What to wear and what to eat are the main ones, How about what to Blog about? Some are good and some are bad, but that just makes us unique. We make decisions constantly without even realizing it. Some are more important than others.

Life changing decisions can be the hardest and the scariest. Are you in control? Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Why? To have a sense of goodness, having something of your own or to make more money? Do you have something to sell? Do you really know the answer to that or do you just think it would be easier to get a job in the corporate world?

Anyone can do it

Anyone can have their own business. You just need to know where to start and find out who you really are. Can you be inspirational, and informative? Can you help others make decisions? Do you have something to share or things you like to talk about? What is your passion or niche? Over the years have you lost something of who you are and want to find it again?

Being useful and helping others solve problems gives you that permission to sell something. What do I mean? That is something I can teach you. People are looking for answers, and you are there to give that to them. By sharing what you like and who you are, can reach more people than just knocking on their door and handing them a sales flyer.


Best Decision I Made


I have found that Blogging can be the best decision I have ever had. I get to interact with all sorts of wonderful people and feel a sense of pride in myself. I have gained confidence and inspiration. I am finding myself again and creating something new. Things I didn’t even know that I had.


seven tips
If you have turned blogging into something that can help you in your life quest, Great job! That is wonderful. May the most of your dreams and inspirations come true! Finding yourself is the key, then putting it down in writing or video is a great motivator. It keeps you accountable for your actions; it pushes you to greater heights.


Come blog with me and make that decision to shine our light on others.


P.S. if you are not blogging now and would like to start CLICK HERE, If you are blogging and would like to learn how to make money doing it CLICK HERE.

One thought on “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

  1. I really like the FAIL image. I did once have my own business. It did fail, but I learned a lot through that process. I may never start another business, but I carried those lessons back to work with me and I think they made me better suited for the work-a-day world.

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