Leap Frog on The Freeway

Traveling on the freeway the other day I thought of playing leap-frog.   The cars in front of me were weaving in and out of each other; where some slowed down and some sped up. I was just hoping that I could just jump over top and make it to my destination in one piece.


Have you ever played the Frogger game? Where you are the frog and are trying to get to the other side without getting squashed?   Or played Mario Cart and raced around the track to win. It is kind of like that in life too. People are either going with the flow or doing their own thing and trying to beat the odds.


Follow the crowd


Going with the flow might be the easy way, but are you really getting ahead and making a statement for yourself.   We ask ourselves what is our purpose in life, and many will come up with lots of different answers. Do you have goals and dreams of where you want to be? Do you think following the crowd will get you there?


Setting your own course


Everyone has dreams of getting somewhere in life. But I see too many of you just living. I recently broke out of that stream and straight path. I wanted something different, to find myself again and make my life have more meaning. I found blogging, and yes I make money doing it. I have learned how to express myself again, dig deep and reach for new heights.   My freeway is curvy and less traveled so the leapfrogging doesn’t need to happen.


You too have a choice

You too have a choice to make you goals and dreams come true. Get off to the road less traveled and make your own course. Keep blogging, find support, and go for it.


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