Yo-Yo on the Elevator


Have you ever had that feeling of being a Yo-Yo on the Elevator?   You go up and down and up and down all the time. That is how I felt the other day when I went to the Hospital. They use the elevators for everything and everybody. They are in constant motion going up and down.



The Ups and Downs


Well, businesses are the same way, just no quite so drastic. There are days when things are running smooth and in the groove, and then there are days where you get nothing done. You wonder what happened and you are exhausted.   You are going in a million different directions and have gotten nowhere except up and down like an elevator.


It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or for someone else, there are days that you feel like a Yo-Yo. You are pulled in all sorts of directions, doing many tricks, yet not going anywhere in particular.


I have an answer for you, training! That is the key when you feel like a Yo-Yo. There is all sorts of training out there today, you just need to know where to look and what you are looking for. Still not sure?   With this blogging challenge from Sarah Arrow has laid out many steps to help you along the way and connecting with others will give you another boost.


Finding Resources


Finding resources in a variety of places can help you find the keys to what you need to succeed. My home business does just that. I am learning along the way and teaching others what I learn. Want to join me and get your boost every day? Learn how to overcome the Yo-Yo effect and run a different course?   Follow me here.


Have a great day,


2 thoughts on “Yo-Yo on the Elevator

  1. Yo-Yo? Yep, that would describe me on a regular basis. I tend to yo-yo here and then see something over there and yo-yo back, retract and do it all again with something else or two or three somethings. I need to focus

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