Dinosaurs Are the New Thing at The Office, Is It part of Your Daily Plan?


Have you ever had a Dinosaur meet you at the elevator, or come to your front counter?  Do you need a distraction from work, just to keep you piece of mind.  Let’s all take a break and watch the funny Video.




Keeping a business running takes a little planning and scheduling.  Set the hours you want to work, then schedule breaks, errands, lunch, playtime and anything else that you want.   I like to work in the morning and have the afternoon to do my stuff.   Everyone can be entitled to that luxury when they work for themselves.   




Scheduling out how your day should be is a big part of planning. You will get more accomplished and have a better outcome at the end of the day.   This is part of setting goals.  We teach how to set goals, and then break them down by month and even day, so you have an idea of where you need to be. 




Breaks are very important in any business, even at home.  You can get caught up in your work that you do not realize you cannot get up from your chair, or you forgot to eat something.  Try the dinosaur trick, which will help everyone.   If you are at home, take the dog for a walk or just go play catch.  Move yourself to a different chair, or even go to the local coffee shop.   I have that luxury that I can work from anywhere.  


Enjoy your day,


P.S.   If you want to learn how to set your goals and break them down to get yourself accomplished.  CLICK HERE.

                If you want to learn how to have a business of your own and set your own hours, CLICK HERE.


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