Compare Your Business with a Bicycle


I wanted to share with you a training session I was in the other day. It was talking about mindset balanced with performance. You need to equalize how you do things and take them with stride. Think of it as the pedals of a bicycle. On one pedal you have your thinking and the other pedal is for your work. Then you just start moving.


This can work for anything you are doing, you can go fast or slow, push a little harder when going up an incline. Then glide and sit back and watch when you reach the top. You will have ups and downs, your corners and even some stop signs. Just keep your hands on the handle bars and see where you go.



 Take those hills with Stride

As you develop your skills and take off the training wheels, you will need to balance it out again. Maybe trade it in for different tires or a better seat. It’s your focus on the path ahead and where you are going. Keeping yourself challenged and finding your stride is the trick.

 You are The Power

Just like in a business you have to remember the power comes from you and you alone. Home businesses work this system a little better and can see the results faster. I guess in a big business you would need to have a two-seater or something else. With a business you are in charge of it helps to keep your mind going by comparing your business with a bicycle.


If you liked this; and want to get in on this kind of training for yourself, Then CLICK HERE


See you on the inside,


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