Have you Done Something Special That Need Attention

In the Hospital a couple of weeks ago the nurse walks in and hands us a pink bag. Inside was a wonderful assortment of things that any person going through a Chemotherapy session would need. There were things like writing tablets and pencils, crossword puzzles, hot chocolate, tea, hand sanitizer, Chap Stick, Kleenex, Socks, a scarf, gum, lifesaver candy, and fruit snacks. Have you done something special that needs attention?


Who would put these bags together?


Ask the nurse “who put these bags together” was our next question. It was a young man, a sophomore at Northern Arizona University; a very accomplished young man studying Business Management and Economics. His story started in 2008 when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her treatment he started making fleece lap blankets and would bring bags of comfort things to help with her treatments.


His Turning Point To Make a Difference


One day when he visited his mom, he noticed other patients arriving alone with no family support. He vowed to make a difference in their lives. He Created “Matt’s Chemo Bags” to give out to cancer patients (mainly breast cancer), but others as well. His hope was that it would comfort them during this anxious time.



Paying it forward


His mom is doing well, and this is his way of Paying it Forward for all of the wonderful care my Mom received. If you wish to reach out to this your man his name is Matt Ferguson. www.mattschemobags.com


It was such as awesome gift and he really paid attention to the things that people seem to need through the treatment process. I wish him well and what a great charity this young man has chosen to pour his heart out for. We were blessed to be able to receive and share this wonderful gift of generosity.
Thank you Matt.


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