Oh, I agree. The world is full of wonderful places. Don’t get trapped in your own little world. Enjoy.

skyward eyes

No matter how many plane tickets I buy or places I go, the list of new countries, cities and experiences I want to escape to continues to grow. In the Weekend Wanderlust series, I will be featuring a place I’ve never been to & armchair-travel there via photos and videos (I’ll take what I can get!). If you’ve been to the place I’m lusting over, please feel free to leave tips or recommendations — encouragement to take the plunge & book the flight is always welcome!

This week on Weekend Wanderlust: ICELAND

From what I’ve heard, no one ever goes to Iceland and comes back like, “Eh, I could’ve missed it.” It’s always something more like:


In the book The Geography of Bliss (have you read it? So good!), author Eric Weiner travels to 10 countries to unearth what each culture defines as “happiness.” I…

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