Re-Gifting, Do We or Don’t We


The holiday season is coming upon us quickly.  Are you ready? Do you have your list done?  Oh Dear, what do we do?  It seems that the holidays come the same time every year, but around the beginning of November we start to panic and wonder.  Tons of questions go through our mind.  What are you going to get all the ones on your list?   Do we make our gifts or have enough money to buy for everyone.  Or the other question is do we have something in the house that you received from someone else in years past that you can Re-Gift?

It is OK


Is it OK to re-gift?  I would say it would depend on the item or if it’s a tradition.  There are some things that are meant to be passed on.  Your faith and healing prayers are one, but also your training and experiences.  These are to be shared over and over.  What you have learned in your life time can be some of the greatest lessons for others as well.




I feel that starting my own blogging business at home and learning how to use my blog to help that happen, has been a great gift.  One of the best that I have every received.   I have learned how to grow in more ways than one.   It has lifted my spirits, given me the motivation to explore; and shown me that I can have it too.  It has freed me.


Look around and think


Re-gifting does not have to mean that bad or ugly sweater that you received from your aunt last year.  It can be just about anything.   What do some say that “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”?  Oh, that is soo true.  Learning how to share and re-give what you have can brighten the heart of people you might not even know.  That is where the blog comes into play.   I internet will be your sharing ground for others to receive your gift.   


So, what are you going to do this year for the holidays?   If you want to learn how to have your own blogging business CLICK HERE and I will share my world with you.


Start your Holidays off right.


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