What is it that a Flashlight is know for?  


When you give it power it will shine brightly so you can see where you are going or what you are doing.  It’s as simple as that.  Being like a flashlight deals with a few more things than just getting power and shining.  The power coming from your hard work and then how you let that out is how it shines.



The Power


The power of hard work will come to you in many forms.   It is studying to learn a new skill, reading to fill your mind and applying those concept in your daily routine.  Hard work can include making lists, organizing your thoughts and writing them down, it’s cleaning out old stuff to make it new.  As Bloggers, its learning how to be consistent with fresh content, yet supplying the meaning and true value. 


I have learned a long time ago that I am not an expert.  I might know something that you didn’t and it looks like I am knowledgeable, but I never stop to learn more.  Knowledge is your best asset and knowing where to go and who to ask can be your next best.  Make it a habit every day to learn one new thing, and see how much you know by the end of the week.




If you are full of happiness and confidence then your light will shine.  You will come across to others as a bright individual.  People will flock to know you and want to learn more.   People want to be shown the way and you can lead them.   We were all meant to be a leader in something, go and find your power and see how far you can go.  The sky is the limit.


In the quest of finding myself again I have seen the power work and I am learning how to use what I know to help others in that same quest.  It is amazing how even little things can be such a turning point to someone you do not ever know yet.  I have found a way to shine through my flashlight and turn it into a money making business.  If you need help doing that same thing then CLICK HERE.


Be like a flashlight,



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