Babe Ruth Said “it’s Hard To….”


For those of you how aren’t baseball fans, Babe Ruth was known as an awesome baseball player. His sister and he were only two out of eight children to survive being born in the late 1800’s. Both of his parents worked long hours which allowed him to become a bit unruly. He skipped school and caused trouble all over the neighborhood. When he turned 7 his parents sent him to a Catholic school for Boys to give him more supervision.   There he learned his vocational skills and a love for baseball. He would practice whenever he had the chance; Over and Over. Hard work pays off.


His real name was George Ruth, but his growth and performance in baseball landed him on the Baltimore Orioles and they referred him as the “newest babe” for only being 19 at the time. That is where the name “Babe Ruth” came from. He was mainly known as a power hitter, but he started out as a pitcher. He was very good at what he did. The team was sold to the Red Sox and then in 1919 he was traded or sold as they say to the New York Yankees. He went on to be one of the most outstanding and amazing players of all time.

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Now to get to what he said:

“It’s hard to beat someone who never gives up”


I came across this saying and it just hit me. No matter what we are doing, business or pleasure, that is true. If we keep up our hard work and plunge forward then who can beat us down. We are strong; we see where we want to go. Others will see our skills and if we never give up good things will come from it.


Don’t Give Up


Another great leader of mine said “The harder the struggle, the better you will be” That is if you do not give up. I have found one of the best ways for me to grow as a business and a person and I can share that with you.

Click here and watch the video, claim your stake in this world and make something of yourself.



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