Cha Cha, Anyone Want to Go Dancing?


Some days can be overrun with problem after problem.   You seem to be fixing more that you are getting done.  Each thing you do has an extra step, or you get interrupted and then you lost all train of thought and process.   You might think your whole day is lost, that is when you need to turn to dancing.



The Cha Cha is a prime example. 


One step forward two steps back.  Take a deep breath and do it again.  You know if you dance that a few times you will find a rhythm and then things will just seem to flow along.  If you put your mind in the right place when you come up with problems you can find the solutions.


I can tell you, working for yourself can seem more difficult when you have these kind of problems, because there is no one around to here or feel your pain.  But, you can scream out loud and not annoy anyone.  I have worked in the corporate world for more than 30 years, and I have worked at home on and off throughout that time.   I know there are different ways of dealing with difficulties, and I can come up with some interesting challenges and even better solutions.  I seem to do the Cha Cha every other day, because the world loves to throw obstacles in my path.


 Who wants to dance with me?


Partners and teams are a great way to have support and when the obstacles are there you can reach out and say “HEY” anyone else have this problem.  I have learned that you cannot know everything and you need a lot of friends that know how to do things, so you can find support in all areas from work to play.


I leave you today to finish my dance and try not to fall down.  I wish you all success in your dancing and if I can help just ask and you want to know more about my team and how we learn from each other CLICK HERE.



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