Where’s the Fire, Its Cold out Here, Did you Plan!


Winter time, we all know it coming yet how do we prepare?  This year not so much!  We had an Indian summer as they call it, it was warmer than usual clear through the month of October.  Then before we knew it, it was freezing.  Where’s the Fire, its cold out here. 



Fire is a good thing when you are cold; it keeps things moving and warm.  In the winter, Fire is one of the elements that is crucial to staying alive.  It provides the heat and can come from many other sources than just the flames or the sun.    Did you plan on how you were going to stay warm ahead of time?



When you prepare for things, do you plan, make lists, lay things out so you don’t forget something? Or do you just wing it and hope for the best.  Where is your Fire?  It can be in the form of hats, scarves and mittens, or extra wood for the fire place, or be prepared for the heating bill to go up.  Did you clean the yard and blow out your sprinkler system? Did you cover up the delicate plants so you will have them again in the spring?   Planning for this will make things go a lot smoother, and won’t dig into your pocketbook later.


Light that Fire!


Running a business can be a lot like your Fire!  Have you heard the saying “Light a fire under their butt to get them moving?”   When you have a plan, and a lay out in front of you it really makes your life a lot easier and you can accomplish so much more.  In my home business we have a layout that can help you stay on track.  We teach others how to market their business online and have a multitude of training available for others to learn also.  We want people to be prepared and have that fire in their businesses, no matter what it is.

Where is your element of Fire?


 My fire is just starting to grow and as I prepare, I want to share with others how to get their fire growing also.  I am learning how big or small the world is, and with all the tools available to choose from which one will work for me.  It’s like comparing mittens to gloves, which one do you like?  Just knowing that you have to choose one or your hands will be froze.


Don’t get stuck in the cold, get ahead of the game with planning, preparing, and learning from those who will help you succeed.  You deserve to be warm and comfortable.  It here for the taking so let me help you find your element of Fire!


Stay Warm



P.S. Come and see what I am doing, watch the video, listen to what they are saying, make your plan to prepare for a new year and the possibilities that can come from having your own element of fire when it comes to making money online.  If you want to know more CLICK HERE.

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