Pin-Ball Day, Try and Beat My Score


Have you ever played the game pin-ball?   You know where you send this little ball up a shoot and then get it to bounce around and hit as many things before it falls down the hole at the bottom.  The bells and whistles are ringing and flashing and the numbers on your score are flying.



That is the day I am having today!


I knew I had a lot of things to get accomplished this morning and I just put myself in mode.  I just started in and this was getting this done and that was looking better.  I kept tripping over the dog, she seemed to be right under my feet.  Within an hour, the house was cleaned up and organized, my desk is stacked, the dishes are done and I have been to three places in my car.  This was all done before 7:30 am and my coffee.  I thought I would take the stairs, after the fourth floor I rethought my thinking.  WOW.


Setting your mind in order!


This is just an example that if you put your mind in order, you can accomplish so much in a short amount of time.  Granted today was an exception. But it feels great and my score is really high.  I know now that my goals will be met for the day and I will have new ones in the making.  Want to keep up and have your own online business and have all the fun that I do? CLICK HERE!


How was your score?


That is something you should be striving for every day, working for yourself of others.   A high score.  You will feel better getting things accomplished.  Your spirits will show your score, you mood will be refreshed and your physical state will be in high gear.   Physical exercise and stamina are also keys needed.


Don’t be the ball that falls out the bottom


There is lots of training out there that helps you get things done faster and with a better outcome.  Lock arms with to ones that are doing it now.  I can help you learn how to do just that and more.   The lesson I learned today was on keeping your physical stamina up to speed and your work will flow right along with it.


Profit from your high score


Do you want to have a business that will help you get your high score and profit maximized all while working for yourself?   Of course you do!   Watch this and see how much fun I am having and get your own freedom to have your own Pin-Ball Day!


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