How Sometimes You’re Business Just Has to Get Washed In The Mud

Listening to the song from Randy Houser struck me with an Idea! Something to get my business and others inspired for the New Year. We need to get washed in the Mud! Dig down, get dirty, splash around, give it your all, have fun and be covered in mud when we are all done.


Digging Down


To make anything work, it takes work! Dig Down and apply what you are learning. Don’t just give it one go around and give up. Take blogging for instance. Your writing may reach some and not others, you might inspire some and not others. Each blog will have a different impact on your readers. You need to get out there and reach a number of people before you can say it’s a flop.


Have you ever gone 4-wheeling, what fun, bouncing around in the back forty and all off any roads. If you haven’t done that then you need to, it will release all stress, clear your mind and put that smile back on your face. Taking that concept with your business can really give it that worked hard and broken in look.


Get dirty

If you do not put your all into it, then what are you expecting in return? When you clean your house or yard how do you look when you are done? Dirty? How about working at your desk or where ever you do your work, I usually end up with pen marks all over my hands and coffee or water spilled on something or just sticky notes all over the place. Get Dirty!



Splash Around to find your Why


Make yourself known, Get out of your fear and let other know who you are and show them your why. Why do you want to work, why do you do what you do? How much money do you want to make? How high do you want to climb? Splash around and keep trying. Your first attempt will be changed and modified many times before you really understand what it is. I wanted to fill up the Cookie Jar in the Corner, it was there to collect that loose change from your pockets. We were going to use this money for play and travel. It became my inspiration at first, then as I developed I started putting in ideas, dreams, achievements, goals, family, and life and turned it into a business for money. Took a long time to find my “niche”. It has evolved to where now I help others to do the same.

Getting your inspiration


Giving your business a boost and really digging in will help you get the momentum and kick, which is needed to head you in the direction you want to be in. Being able to take it out and have some fun with it makes it all so much better. If you cannot enjoy what you are doing or be able to have fun with it, then you need to change what you are doing. I can show you a money-making business that is more fun than you have ever dreamed.

Follow me and get washed in the mud.


2 thoughts on “How Sometimes You’re Business Just Has to Get Washed In The Mud

  1. I love this! “Get out of your fear” – so true. Get down and splash around! No more walking on eggshells afraid of offending someone. What a clever rip-roaring piece of writing!
    Well done!

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