“Inspire” Time to Brighten the Day


The blogging challenge today was for the prefix “in”. The first thing that came to mind was inspire. I think it was there in my brain this morning, because I was reading other blogs and the gifts that people can give you from them was awesome. They can show you the world, they can express their thoughts and they can reach out to others in all special ways. “INSPIRE”.


Giving Ideas

How do you inspire others? How do you fill someone with an emotion, giving them an idea or even an attitude toward what you are feeling? Do you encourage someone to do something? How do you inspire? When people read what you are blogging, do they get a sense to comment, or re-blog what you have written? Do you give them a feeling to go out and express what they have learned from you?


My inspiration today came from other bloggers, and got me thinking that people want to share just as much as they want to learn. We all have attitudes toward things, and also opinions about others. Human nature is to be curious and who doesn’t like to speak their mind. The more I blog and the more I read stirs my mind and creates the imagination to grow. It gives the feeling of self-worth and motivation to just start exploding.


Here is one example of what I found:

That means to make the rest of the day just as simple as I can .Why? Because we are an immense sum of disrupted energy, we think too much, do things in a rush, we care too much what other people say and because all of this our energy is consumed. Therefore it is essential for us to learn how to control our thoughts and emotions.
By: Ramona Crisstea


Blogging can help any business

Don’t let your life sit idle; learn how to inspire and grow. Start blogging or if you have started, expand your writing to get others to share and inspire also. Blogging is a growing business in this day and age. It is expanding everywhere. No matter what business you are in, a blog can help, you just need to know how to set it up, how to market it, how to teach others what you learn and how to inspire. That is the main purpose of my business. We give you the stepping-stones of what it takes. Then set you up to build the dreams that you only dreamed about before.


If you CLICK HERE I will give you inspiration everyday and help you learn how to create your own inspiration.

To a Prosperous, Inspirational Day socs-badge

2 thoughts on ““Inspire” Time to Brighten the Day

  1. Hi Sandy. Everything I do to inspire others also inspires me. As a counselor and singing at church the inspiration goes both ways. Now that I’ve cut back to 30 hours a week at the counseling job, I’m staying home on Fridays to write and paint. I have a feeling the two way street of inspiration will continue there. Thanks for following “Anything is Possible!”

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