Trusted Companion


My trusted companion and helper.  The one that is always there ready to go.  Happy all the time, checking on you to see what you are doing.  Always making sure that you don’t forget about them either.  Who am I talking about?  I bet you thought it was my phone!


Although your phone or tablet is very important in a home based business, the beauty of working for myself is that I can be at home.  And my trusted companion is my DOG!  No matter where I am, what I am doing, she is right there, under my feet, behind my chair or pulling on my arm.  If I am sitting in my chair with my feet up, she is on my lap with the tablet on top of her.  Even though she is not the smallest lap-dog, she is a good blanket when it is cold. 

Animals that Inspire


Animals seem to have a good life.  They get fed, watered, walked, and get a place to sleep.  Doesn’t that sound good sometimes?   Someone there to do all the work and you get the rewards?  Animals can give you the inspiration that you need.  The can remind you what is important, they can give you back your smile and be your companion.  Have you ever tried to be sneaky in the house, doing things not to wake up others, yet right beside you is your trusted companion.  Interested in everything that you do.


Simple Life


With any small business, that is the ultimate goal, Right?  A simple life? The one you choose?  Getting someone to do all the work and you get the rewards?  Statistics show that the harder you work in the beginning, the easier it will be to reach your simple life.  Looking at the leaders in my company, I can see the simple life becoming available for me and you too.  We pick the hours we work, we choose where we want to work, and we enjoy everything we do!  How close to the simple life does that sound to you?  Just think about it, what hours would you work?  I am a morning person, I like to get up early when it quiet.  I can get my blog done before the rest of the world wakes up and then I have my whole day left for me and the ones need me.

On the other Hand


You can pick and choose what needs to be done and when.  If life gives you bumps you can adjust so much easier than having to ask permission to leave.  No keeping track of hours, either vacation, or sick leave.  You can just come and go.   Oh, and Yes you can take your work with you if you need to. Go to the park with pets or at the coffee shop, or lately for me the hospital waiting room.   


One of my Whys


This is one of my Whys!  She really pouts when I leave and wants to go with.  She is my trusted companion and if she wasn’t so hyper all the time when we do go, she could go more. 



Come and see what I do and what I can help you do.  CLICK HERE

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