How Do You Fish in Your Business? In Categories



Fishing is a waiting game. If you have been out there on the boat or hanging out on the dock, you know what I mean. The anticipation of getting your hook ready with the bait. Making sure that you have the right hook or fly to go with the correct bait. You fill up your tackle box with all the goodies, probably more than you really need, but then again, more is better isn’t it?




In training I heard this analogy being used in pulling in your prospects. So I wanted to share some of what he was telling us. It’s always interesting when you hear training on prospects and how they categorize them. There are lots of different kinds of people in this wide world. There are the ones that categorize you into personalities and the ones that focus on your interests and style. There is also the analogy of the three types of swimmers. (Divers, dippers, and skimmers)



Ok, I am in need of some feedback from my fellow bloggers.   This post started out explaining my training and half way through it dawned on me that I wasn’t fishing, it was actually referencing swimming. Since I was on a roll and it seemed to be a good analogy I went with it.   But I am need of a good word.   I got to the last type and had a mind meld.   My numbers person came out and words were at a loss. Time to ask for help! Keep reading….



Catching the right ones



This training put prospects into three categories with a fishing aspect. First the biters, they bite the second you put your line in the water. Second, the nibblers, the ones that come in for a taste but don’t take the whole thing but seem to come back for more, checking it out a couple more times before you snag them.



The third and final types are the hardest to catch. They swim past many times, always curious, but very optimistic. They see the opportunity but seem to find many excuses and give many reasons why they can’t. They seem to talk themselves out of things before they even get started. These are the ones that need the live intervention. What do you think they are called?



Leave me a comment with your thoughts!


P.S. if you would like to get into the training CLICK HERE



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