“Black” why not call it “Purple”?

What is all the fuss about when Thanksgiving is over? Have you ever wondered why the stores make such a big deal about Friday? What kind of day would you think of when we all call it “black”? Why not green or purple, it is such a well-known day you would think they could come up with a much better name.

Long Lines

I have always had to work on that day in the past, so I am not one who looks through all the ads and making lists, and getting my plan of stores to see which ones to hit in what hour. To me that does not sound like fun. I like to shop, but not in large crowds, and standing in long lines. Also, when you talk to people they always say they are “broke”, but wow, the stores are always full on this day. People can find money when they really want something. That is a whole other Blog so stay tuned.


The Meaning of “Black Friday”


Having a background in accounting I can tell you the “black” in black Friday comes from an accounting term “being in the black”. Which means that the company is finally turning a profit. Also it has made its day on the day after Thanksgiving because a lot of workers would call in sick on that day more than others. It’s one of the only holidays that is always on a Thursday. Check out the reference at the end.




In my company there are differed levels depending on where you want to be or how fast you want to grow. The highest level is called “Black”. And you get a black card,that looks like a credit card, to help you feel important. It gives you access to certain events and better training. You feels proud to get your black card. Check out the P.S.


MANGIS - WIN_20141119_172352


It’s great to get rewards and people like to feel special, so getting things when you hit certain levels or accomplish things stirs the pot and bring in the motivation. Maybe making such a big deal about “black Friday” give that sense of accomplishment or prize that people are looking for. It’s the challenge to get it first or think you got a good deal shopping early.


For those of you who camped out all night or got up really early to wait in line, I hope you had a good time and got really good deals. As for me I going to take my time to find just the right gift for my loved ones and friends. I want to go shopping and browsing, but that’s me.


Happy Shopping.

P.S. Want to know how you can get your Black Card and have the freedom to shop when you feel like it? CLICK HERE
Reference: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/20879/20141125/history-of-black-friday.htm

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