Why Blog? Plain and Simple


Some blogs are for specific purposes and others are done for fun. They are used for articles, training, selling, recipes, poems, books, updates, schools, Churches, financial institutions, and municipalities. There are many different kinds of setups, keeping the individualism of the company or the person. But you say “Why Blog”?

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I haven’t been blogging for very long, but I have come to realize they are everywhere and in every business, and many individuals have created their own. Everyone can have a blog, everyone has some kind of experience that can help others. The trick is to find it!


Personal Benefits


Why blog? For me it’s a chance to express myself and it has become very therapeutic. I can share what I care about and a chance to give others a way to learn from what I have learned. It is improving my writing skills, and my listening skills, I stop to read what others are saying. It challenges me to come up with something new every day. That is a great brain exercise and keeps me active. The amount of people whom I have connected with is growing even bigger every day and I am meeting the most interesting individuals from all over this world. Learn how to show your personal benefits!


Branding Benefits


Do you have a brand? Sure you do! You are a unique person with thoughts, beliefs, things you like and things you know how to do. That is your brand! A blog can increase your credibility and help demonstrate your authority in what you know and learn, your brand.


Connection benefits


Blogs are great ways to connect with other bloggers to get information, you never know what you are missing until someone points it out to you. Sharing information and getting feedback is a great way to meet a large amount of people. Think about it, you can have access to just about anything when you have a large following. This is how you get your motivation, the answers to your questions and they are just a few clicks away.


Website Benefits


I got into blogging being an affiliate for Empower Network, a company which was started to help anyone who wants to have a home based blogging business can have access to a wide variety of a training, a place to build links, boost traffic, simplifying SEO, and have a blogging platform that is a cheap way to get online with a website already built, you just need to plug a few things in and specialize it to who you are.


Marketing Benefits


Having you own home based business give you the freedom for content generation. You can blog about your niche, or things that you feel others would be interested in. This makes your other marketing easier, because you always have some kind of content to share.


Cool Bonuses

Being involved in Empower Network has many quirks to come with it. You get VIP access to others content and review copies to help. You get inside knowledge to learn from the ones who are already making it big, and invitations to conferences and webinars. We give you the tools, but then it’s up to you to go out and do the work.




Learning that your hard work will give you great rewards is your ultimate goal. It is your choice, but it makes you think outside the box. Creativity can come from many every day activities, you just need to keep an open mind and let it flow.


There are so many positives to owning your own blog, that why do you not have one yet?   Need a little help learning the ropes and getting it setup?   CLICK HERE



This is Sandy Mangis writing to you today.Backyard



P.S.     Accordingly, my daughters point of view, (in quotes and with her permission.)

How to write a blog:

“Push a key, write a word, turn it into a sentence, add a picture and then you are done. The end “

2 thoughts on “Why Blog? Plain and Simple

  1. Thanks Dan she was with me when I was getting my oil changed in the car, and I knew it would be a great time to write my blog. That was her take on the subject matter. Simple and quick.

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