Blog (Jar) Ideas


Does your blog need to have a certain theme? Is content that flows from one blog to another make a difference? Choosing to create a blog can really get you thinking about what you like, what you like to do, if you like to share or teach. Completing a story book or writing a journal. If it’s for a particular business or for yourself. Finding a “niche” was one of the hardest things I had to do. Come up with Blog Ideas!

How will you fill your jar-

As you read my other posts you will see I love to share and give people ideas. I like to take everyday items and turn them into business ideas. The cookie jar in the corner of my kitchen was my inspiration. I wanted it to be filled with money for traveling and fun, as my blog progressed, it developed into ideas, motivations and goals, achievements for my life, business, and family. And yes a lot of money too.


Blogging ideas


If you would like to know what people are interested in then your content or blogging ideas can include interviews or questionnaires. Come up with a list of questions to ask. Getting to know your audience will help find new ideas to write about. Answer the questions you ask and use the answers you received.


Guide them along


Do a how to guide! Setting out step by step instructions on completing a project. Or you can write a review on someone else’s instructions. Do you have a better way to do something? If it your blog, then you have the freedom to voice your opinion. Keep it cool if you still want your readers to stay, but it’s still yours.




Sharing resources, or re-blogging and recommending links that you feel are well written, or want to share with your audience as well. These can include links for tools, or marketing ideas that make your life easier.


What’s Important


Do you read the news or watch it on TV? Share that as busy as our days can be, you can help spear the cheer or help people keep clear of danger. Hot places to be or cool restaurants to visit. Did you find a great recipe or article that helped you? Tell others!


Your personal successes and failures can also be of interest to others, you will be surprised to see how many people you can impact by sharing what you have achieved or overcome. Do you think you can do this? Come blog with me…..CLICK HERE


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