What I Wish They’d Invent When …….


Inventions are great and wonderful when they are useful and helpful in your day-to-day life. What do you wish they’d invent? Have you ever needed something and thought, with this it would be easier? Are you the creative type and putting your little fixes in everything you do? Where is your talent? Have you kept things the way you received them or tweaked them slightly to your liking? Then you invented something new!


Christmas time is a great example of inventions. Just look around at the way people decorate their houses, lawns, trees, or whatever display you show to others. Is there something you see that you wish you had or could do?   What if there was something that could help you make your creativity easier. Is it already made and calling your name from the shelf? Or have you invented something already and want to show it off to others, maybe make a lot of money from it. Have you thought about blogging about it for others to share?

 Be Creative

We all have some kind of creativity within us. It just takes the right time, person or item to pull it out and show us that we can invent.   A Blogging business is just the same. Coming up with something new every day and creating a masterpiece with our writing. We share and display it for others to enjoy. We spread our creativity to help others and give them ideas.

 Get Recipes and other Ideas

Blogs are great this time of year. We are looking for that decorating tip, or better ways to cook. We all can use new recipes for cookies and candy, or different ways to send holiday greetings.   Do you wish they’d invent a holiday card creation, which would pick out the right one for the right person? Then sign and mail it for you? There might be something out there similar if I just go and look. I need to go search for it in a blog.


I am asking you to come and share your creativity in a blog.   I know you come up with a lot of ideas and things you can share with others. Like my blog says “How do you fill your jar?” Get started here!

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