When events or things cross your path, Do you take action?


What happens to you when something comes across your path? Do you run over it, trip over it, fall on top of it, or stop…huff…and stand there waiting for it to move out of your way!   OR, Do you stop and actually look at what is crossing and think, that is great and how can that help me today. You will be totally surprised how the simplest thing can actually make a difference in your life.


Purpose to Take Action


It seems like we get on a roll and think about all the things we need to get done, and all the things we need to pick up and drop off. We tend to forget to actually think of why we are doing it. When things cross our path they can actually be reminders or lessons that we need. Things do happen for a purpose.



In a business sense, there are many ways to meet new prospects, or be introduced to potential customers. Bumping into someone is not always an inconvenience, but an opportunity. The slow down for whatever is in your path, just had might mean that you are waiting for something else to catch up.




This time of year can really make us crazy, we are going a hundred miles an hour in all directions. I have been forgetting things lately, because I put a lot of things on my plate. This is where I need to stop and look around, set my sights on what I need to get done and then what I want to get done. Go to the mistletoe and think KISS. (Keep It Simple Sweetie).   My variation.


Blogging has been a real key for me and my busy schedule. It helps me express what is in my mind, and that is a relief of stress.   It also helps with the hustle and bustle of getting ideas for cooking, shopping, entertainment, and whatever else I am looking for. Do you have a blog you can share?


Think About It


I heard this spoken the other day, “The old has passed away; behold, the new has come” and wanted to express that we need to stay focused on our goals and how the things around us can help us grow. I have always thought things happen for a reason. So next time you trip or have to stop for something crossing your path. Think about it and see what it did for you!



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