Projects, Projects, and Projects! Can they be Good or Bad for Business?


Projects and planning are a way of getting things done. We set our mind on what is needed and lay it out, plan out the steps, sign up for challenges and all of a sudden you have ten things going on at once. Is that good or bad for your business or your health?



That is exactly where is found myself in the last couple of days. Overwhelmed and not knowing if I was coming or going! I can definitely tell you, it was not good for me. It made me tired and I just wanted to run away. My business has been on such a great run and I was picking things up here and over there, and before I knew it, WOW, I was having a hard time keeping up.


6 Keys to Help


This is what I have learned and wanted to share.   Here are 6 Keys to help with the overwhelming feeling and still get things done.


  1. Having lots of email addresses is great as long as you point your email traffic to the correct email account. A specific purpose for each one.
  2. Training webinars. These are essential….you need to keep up to date and you will always learn some new trick or realign what you should be remembering.
  3. If you print things to look at later, or take notes, do not spread them out. Get file folders and label them. Your focus can be on one thing at a time and when you go looking for what you did remember, you can actually find it.
  4. Challenges; they are great! They keep you on track and give you the push that you need to finish your tasks. They can spur up your business and take you to the next level. But, beware, only join as many as you think you can accomplish. Otherwise you will see it as failure and tend to give up a lot easier.
  5. Set a plan, make a chart, give yourself deadlines and focus on the tasks that take top priority.
  6. Ask for help.


Try the keys I laid out, because that is what I just did. Close your eyes and just put everything in one pile and then start sorting……Just getting organized can help with your work, your self-esteem and at the end of the day you will feel a whole lot better.


Keep On Track


The only thing you really need to keep on your desk is your reason why. Keeping on track is the main reason you are doing your home based business, this should be your focus to accomplishing your goals. These can be pictures, items, reminders, and other things that make you happy.   Remove the items that overwhelm or distract, for they will hinder your goals.


Having a home based business has its challenges.   For starters, it’s just me and me alone.   Lately I have needed ten hands, five heads, and four desks and the floor to keep me organized.   I was keeping up with three blogs, four challenges, five emails, one dog, two kids, a husband with cancer, and elderly parents. Beside, not yet meeting my goals I have set and still working 40 hours a week for someone else. My house needs cleaning every once in a while (for I need a maid) and I feel like I live in my car!

How will you fill your jar-

To follow and learn from me, CLICK HERE. I can show you how to set and put yourself on the path of your dream.

P.S.   Challenges to follow


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