You’re Business To-Do List; Does It Include Singing


Trying to get my to-do list organized and ready for the day a song got stuck in my head. I love to sing, but it did not help at this moment. Do you keep a radio on for background noise while you work? Is it distracting, or does it help keep you motivated?



Music is all around us, you just do not notice it. Every building, elevator, office and home has some kind of background noise. In all the years of working in my office I have found that the dead silence or the humming of the computer can be very distracting and can drive your mind crazy.   I always seem to have to have some kind of background noise to keep me focused.   Aka my radio!




I choose the radio because it is constantly changing and not playing the same thing over and over again, like a cd or tape.   I love to sing and find it very relaxing, but this time of year, when the Christmas Carols are playing we tend to know all the words and find ourselves singing instead of working. So, my question to you is:  (answer Below)


“Is Singing a Good Thing or A Bad Thing For Business?”


I honestly think it is a good thing, and here is why:


Smile (mood change)

Increase your Bounce, by dancing

Singing along (even if you cannot carry a tune)

Get your motivation moving!


Increase your productivity and not letting you realize how much time has passed or how tired you are.



Stay on Trackinterupt-right_top1

Thinking about how to get your project done or needed to focus on your business. I hope you do include some kind of music, just keep it soft and something you don’t know all the words too. Your brain needs a little distraction from time to time for your mind to stay on track, and keep your sub conscience at bay.   We can keep a lot of things in our head, of what needs to be done and if we let it think of more than one thing at a time we won’t get anything done.


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