Passwords,   How good is your memory?


Passwords are used on a daily basis, no matter where you are or what you are doing. It seems like we have a lock on just about everything we do. You might need one to turn something on or unlock something to be used.   How many passwords do you use on a daily basis? Don’t know about you, but I needed help. My memory is not that good!



Where do you store your passwords?



Where are your passwords kept? In a notebook, or scribbled on pieces of paper stuffed in your top drawer?   Or are you the type that puts sticky notes to the front of your computer. (Bad idea by the way!) This is a hot topic for security people in the world. You need to lock down your personal information any way you can.


Help is Here!


There are at least two websites that I found work great. They have programs to help you with this solution. When you work as an internet marketer, you know you have thousands of passwords that you need to keep track of. Let your computer, your phone or tablet help with your memory.   The two password programs that I found are not browser based, and it is securely stored on your machine. You only need to know one password to use it. The programs will auto populate when they are needed.

Here they Are


With these kinds of programs you can store, edit, and generate secure passwords from any device you choose.   No more losing the paper that you wrote it on, having others find your paper that you wrote it on, or having two pieces of paper and not knowing which one is correct.


Save your Memory


From my experience with these programs; I will tell you that they are a life saver and a time saver. When you have four sites that you are working on together, you will be free to work and not frustrated trying to retrieve passwords and losing all train of thought. Check them out.



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