Going Social: Do’s and Don’ts


Ok, you want to increase your social presence in the market place. If you signed up for as many as you can find that’s great, but let’s break that down a bit and give it some consideration. What kind of presence to you want to show! What audience to want to attract? And what resources are you using?




Who are the people you want to attract, do you publish articles, or posts to a particular type of person or group? Where does your audience spend their time online? Do you want to teach or inspire. Do you want to promote your products or just discuss things?   Look at some of these Do’s and Don’ts


Setting your goals


Social media has to be thought of as only a tool to help you reach your objectives, not the other way around. Make your goals and a strategy to achieve them and let your social networks work your magic. Create a plan and set your guidelines. Develop a calendar for content to keep you on focus. Determine frequency and layout for holidays and promotions. How much time can you dedicate to the work at hand?


Start Listening


Be prepared for comments, both positive and negative. How are you going to respond to them? Define your tone of voice (this can be reflected in your writing as well). Determine timeliness and how to escalate responses or call to actions. Listen to your audience and adapt.


Social Accounts


If you work for yourself or a business you need to make a name for yourself. Does your name fit your brand? My example is “Sandy’s Jar”, my blogging business is reaching out to others who want to get more out of life. It is helping others to see what they can include and collect to fill their own Jar. My empty nest showed me that I had to find me again and help me express who I am and what this world has to offer.


Once you have found your Brand, launch your accounts. Where do you want to be? Basic ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Then you can join in other blogging networks, RSS feeds, LinkedIn, Blogger, and Google+. There are just touching on the tip of what is out there. Do your research and start sharing.


Marketing Materials


Being social means that you need to be attractive. Coordinate with colors and logos. Upload videos and share other channels. Depending on your business, keeping certain things personal can be important, but make sure others see you as a person and not a machine. Let your marketing materials speak for you.

200_Action_Button 3

Call to actions are very important.   You need to build up to what you want your reader to do. Is there something you are selling, or need feedback from? Your followers need to be led and shown what to do. Don’t leave them hanging or you will lose them! Have your links tied together and show them what to expect. Being honest and straight forward will have them coming back.


Code of Conduct


Being transparent and open with who you are talking to. Listen and be committed to helping them understand what you are saying. Be professional at all times, this will show others that you are serious in what you are doing. Understand quality over quantity. Standard ruling in social media…….share 80 percent to selling 20 percent.


Measure, and Monitor


There are many tools out there to help you keep track of your goals, find one that works for you. You can have Activity metrics, survey metrics, individual metrics, and ROI metrics. Set up templates and collect your measurements on a regular basis so you know what is working and what is not.   Try these:








Finally, Putting it All Together


If you want to get your own brand and start a social networking business of your own, I found one that has it all put together and helps you with the steps and give you the tools.   CLICK HERE to learn more.


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