Back flash, Do you Remember or Move forward?


What kind of year have you had? Is it one that you want to look back on or would you rather just move forward and strive in new areas? Sometimes it is good to have a flash back so we can see how well we have improved, or to make sure we learned from our mistakes.



Take stride


It’s that time of year where we start gathering our books and cleaning up files to get ready for a new year. We look at things in a different light. We start setting our budgets and see what worked and what didn’t. Having your own business you tend to keep trackers on everything, and look at the pieces of the puzzle a little more often. But, there still are things that you forgot about and other projects that got started and not finished. Do you look back or move forward? Take it in stride.




What did you learn?


Mistakes are good to look back on, because they got you to where you are today. With an Internet Business there are so many different avenues to follow, which one do you take, which direction do you go, what works for you? These can be part of your mistakes and others can be the greatest find.


Learn how from others


“Seek and you shall find”. Seek out mentors and leaders, and people who are already doing what it is you want. Follow them and learn from their mistakes. Take enough information that can help you find your way. Remember it may work for some and not others. Your business should be something you like to do!


Always remember


Remembering who you are and how you got there is part of who you are. If you can learn how to tell your story and show others how to help them tell theirs then you too can flash back and grow to a great future. It can be a great experience for you and can shape your business into something more than just a money making machine.


3 thoughts on “Back flash, Do you Remember or Move forward?

  1. I am still working on my year analysis. For sure this year brought in my private life lots of amazing and beautiful changes. Even my writing career was decided also by them! Thanks for the article, Sandy. You made me think again 🙂

    1. I’m glad it was useful. What kind of writing career are you up to? Is it one that you make money from, besides just selling your books?

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