In the winter time, the days are shorter and the dark nights seem to be blacker than ever.
Driving in these conditions makes you alert and anxious. You are always watching out in front of you not knowing what you are going to come across. For me, I drive a lot of back country roads. You never know what can be around the next corner; there can be lots of big animals coming across the road.
There are lots of curves and even though you have driven them many times they still can sneak up on you. It seems to be even worse when the snow is flying or the rain is coming down in sheets. The visibility can be very limited. This is when all of your senses tend to come into play.
Your grip gets stronger, your eyes are wide open, you turn your radio down for fear of distraction, and your whole body seem to tense up. You start thinking of all the reasons why you should not be there at that moment and you just want it to be over.


I can tell you from experience that everything I mentioned is true. But, I have learned through the years that when you stay calm and loosen your grip, you can flow through and accomplish what you set out to do. Much like in business; when you start out in creating your own and getting it set up, there are a lot of unknowns. It’s like driving in the dark, wondering what is in front of you.
Will it take you where you want to go, will you end up in the ditch?
Will you hit obstacles along the way?
Then there are other questions that run through your head! Will I have the money? Will I have the support? Will I have the time?
All of these things that I mentioned, can be overcome when we relax and put our mind to just getting there. The pieces will fall into place; the questions will almost answer themselves, if you have a goal and an inspiration to follow.
When I started my home business, I was afraid, broke, looking for change, and had no idea what I was getting into, but I knew I wanted something and just went for it. I relaxed and started down the road with lots of hope and dreams to guide me.
Now I can say I love what I am doing, I am growing and getting stronger every day. I am meeting a lot of great people and learning how to share with others. I have a great story to tell and I encourage others to do the same.
Have you made it to your destination?
Where are you going and are you in the dark? Do you have Ideas and helpful tips to share with others and do not know how to accomplish that?
Come out of the DARK!
Let your imagination flow in the right direction. Let me get you started down a great path and have the confidence that you can do anything. I found a company that lays it all out and gives you the tools to succeed. Come here and learn from the ones who are already doing it, and then you can travel any road that you wish.
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