“YOLO”. Meaning?


The jargon of the youth nowadays. I am a mom, and I do try to keep up with the latest. I don’t want to be pegged as old! I have learned how to talk in text, and abbreviate every other word. It seems to give you short cuts, saying things like BTS or BFF, CUL, BTW, SMH, and FOFL. How about LOL! Well YOLO is a new one for me.


Some would take it in a different context than others. There is the adventurous side that would think of it as a challenge, and others would keep their caution. Have I gotten you intrigued on the meaning yet? Have you put the words with the letters yet? Keep reading and I will fill you in.


Do you only live once to do the things you want to do? The answer is yes, but you can have a lot of different experiences while doing that. The adventurous side can take the chances and live outside of your comfort zone. Then the cautious side can be careful and stay in the same grove until bumped out.




Learning something new or starting a new adventure can be like the adventurous side. Yes, you only live once and you need to make the most of it. If you want new results and want change to happen, then the same grove needs to be modified. No I am not saying that you need to take it to the extreme but experiment a little and take a few chances to see growth.


When I started my new business, I came in cautious. I wanted to test the water, so you say. Well then I was having so much fun that the feeling of “You Only Live Once” came over me and I said let’s go for it. I knew I needed a change and I made up my mind this was going to be it. I have given myself new hope and expanded my thinking.


Now that you have seen it many times, you know the meaning of YOLO!


“You Only Live Once”


You might want to go and bungee jump off a bridge, but not me.



If you want to start a new adventure and live to tell about it, come and I will help you get what you are looking for. CLICK HERE or comment below.



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