Your Target Market, Do you Speak to yourself?


Making a target market profile is not as easy as some might think. Yet, it is essential in internet marketing to know exactly who it is you are talking to. The market place is extraordinarily large that you need to narrow it down and think of your market as an individual.


Have you ever thought about talking to yourself? Not actually doing it, I will admit I talk out loud all the time, but picking out who I am and who I want to talk to, is really quite hard. I know I have a message and things I want to share, but sitting down and finding that individual to share it with and then putting it on paper is a challenge.


Building Relationships


We want to build relationships and build a list of followers; we want to interact with people who share similar interests and think the same way. We want to help others who are looking for the same things that we are. Did you find an answer to your problems? That can make more problems! You want to tell the whole world, but making your market too wide will lose its impact.


So, Who are YOU!logoEN small


How do you find out who you really are? Have you looked in the mirror, past the appearance to see your personality? Do you analysis data from your feedback, do people interact with you or just seem to like what you say. What is your language that comes across in you blogging? What are you interested in and do you over think about how it comes across. Are you pushy, hesitant, say too little, or say too much? We can all relate to these questions, yet they need to be answered.


I started writing down things about my perfect reader.   The likes and dislikes, feelings, concerns, demographic information and anything else I might need to know about them. I will say that wasn’t easy for me. I have been a working mom for so many years that I put myself aside and now I am trying to find my own niche again. Starting my own blog was a way to do that. Setting sights and telling my story has evolved, yet I still having trouble putting it into a target market.


Getting followers


Research and determination has been a key that I found to be very helpful. Always be mindful of what others are doing, yet really ask if that is part of you! I have been making a list of key words, and hashtags that are of interest to me. Looking back in my life and finding events that make me happy. Gathering trinkets and books and anything else that I like to help give me an idea.


Truly digging down deep and finding what I can share with others has been giving me a joy and a new purpose in life.   I find myself coming up with new things to blog about and how they can be related to business.   People are always working without knowing it and helping others find their inner self and learning how to be creative is what my challenge is.


“Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about Creating yourself”


A mentor of mine always makes it look so easy, yet is always there to give support and share all kinds of stories.   He is a story-teller.



P .S Finding other mentors through challenges, and following blogs of interest will be a great start.     Sarah Arrow     writers of non-fiction


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