Unbelievable Memory Tricks and Hacks with Jim Kwik and Lewis Howes

10 Points on Your Body to Help With Memory


Ever got on stage or in front of a group and forgot what you were going to say? It happens more often than you think. Or just in everyday life, you forgot where you put things or needed to remember something. Well, I found a video that can help all of us.


Think of things that are stored in the universe, we all say it got lost in space, or its on the end of your tongue but we just can’t think of it. These are some tricks to help you store your thoughts and things you want to remember on your body. This way you associate it with something and put it there for future pickups.


Take the ordinary and make it fun.


Put pictures with objects and keywords with thoughts. While taking notes from a lecture or webcast, use these associations. It will be a better way to keep your attention on the person speaking and you will come away from it with a clearer understanding.


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!


Do I need to say it again? Are you still thinking of the tips and tricks that they used in the video. I know I am. What was number 4?   That’s right Tony Robins. Do you need a coach and a mentor? Come and learn with me and more tips will come.


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