Are you having a blessed Christmas? Believing in the wonders of Christmas and Santa keeps our hearts young. Our Spirit alive and puts us in the mood to give and share with others.


When we share, our hearts are filled with with joy and meaning. It warms us and puts a little ho, ho, ho in our step. When you have something to believe in like Santa, the kid inside us comes out and we start to get creative again. We decorate our houses and yards to show off. We start looking a what others might need, and what they don’t have.


  1. Ways to Keep the Legend of Santa Alive Read more :

    Believing in Santa Claus is one of the most magical parts of being a child. But as kids get older, they begin to question the existence of ol’ St. Nick and may need a little more evidence to convince them he is real. With a little creativity and a few simple tricks, parents can keep the magic of Santa alive for their children.

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  2. Send a Letter from the North Pole Read more :

    Kids will be convinced that Santa exists once they receive a letter officially postmarked from the North Pole. To get a letter postmarked from the North Pole, write a letter to your child from Santa. Include personal details like your child’s hometown, his or her accomplishments and good behavior

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This is a great time for sharing and giving. Make it your time to come learn how to blog and give others a reason for the season.

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