Books, Books, Books, What is on your bookshelf?


They are a wonderful tool and a great addition to any office decor. I like to have books to read, books for helpful ideas, books for what and how to say things.


  1. Exercise and Recipe Books

    Exercising and Eating is a very good part of running a home business.   We tend to nibble and sit at our desk a lot.  What does that make us?  Out of Shape, right?

    I have books for exercise, and I seem to collect many on the subject of recipes. Have I used them all, no but you never know when you might have to get some kind of idea for a special occasion.

    Then there are the books for self improvement and money making. We all need to read when ever possible and then learn from them. What is on your bookshelf?


  2. How To Say It

    One book that is great is my How-To-Say it Book. It has choice words, phrases, sentences, and Paragraphs for every situation. Examples of these are Announcements, letters of Complaint, References and Recommendations, Letters to Organizations and Clubs.

    It also has Proposals and Recommendation letters. Keywords can be all the tools you need to sound like you know what you are doing.


  3. Bank On Yourself

    I have a great book on how to Bank on Yourself. Its a wonderful tool, especially for those who work for themselves and have an abundant income. It teaches you how to set up and borrow from a life savings account.

    Give me a comment below if you want more information.

    Click Here to Learn More About Bank On Yourself

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