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This is the time of year to clean out the old and bring in the new. Time to get organized and refreshed. Plan out your resolutions and start the year off with a big boost.

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  1. Odds and Ends

    It seems like if an item doesn’t have it certain place around your house it ends up on my desk. Why is that. Do they think that I will magically know where it wants to go? OR when they can’t find something then they know to look on my desk!

    What do you do with the extra pieces that come when you buy something, you just can’t throw them away. You either need to file or store it in a drawer. You know what I am talking about. That little tool that came in handy, the paperwork for the registration, how about all the extra cords or hooks that you need. What do you do with them.

    This is my time of year to go through those drawers and cubby holes. My thought is that if I have not used them in the last two years they get to leave my house. Donations are great for tax purposes and as they say “One Mans Junk, is Another Man’s Treasure”.

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