Did you consume to much over the holiday?


Our challenge word this week was consume. The first thing I thought of was eating way to much of all the holiday goodies.   Then I got thinking about what it was that I was really consuming. Was it just the food, and other treats that the holiday gives us or was it the consumption of friendship, sorrows, joys and the amount of work it takes to make all that happen.


I know I have had my share of fudge so the consumption of food was not lacking here. But did I consume enough in my business.   We can all talk about leads, and followers, and making sales and getting a bigger bottom line, but when that is all over, do you feel full?




As I am planning my new year, these are the things that I need to focus on. I need more consumption of my daily routine and training to fill in the blanks. At the end of the day we should all feel full and have a sense of completion.


Time for Goals settings!    


(How many items can you come up with to extend your business.)


  1. Organize your daily schedule. A to-do list will keep you on track.
  2. Know where your day or week is headed.
  3. Set your goals high, so you get that stretch. You can consume more that way.
  4. ….
  5. ….



Here is a plan that can help you get going with your very own blog. Listen to learn how to have motivation, and a path to follow to get you to your goals.

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