Who do you have teaching you?


Having good leaders in your company is important for many aspects. They can give you pointers, and they can share what they have done and how they are doing it.








They can share with you the good and the bad. What they have learned by trying certain things, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.


  1. Finding a Franchise that you can be in and still “work at home” is one of the best finds that I have found. And the leaders are all in it to help others get to where they are now. This is the franchise-style system that took us from bankruptcy to “bank” within 90 days. 28 months in a row (and counting) of 5-figures monthly.

    To Share what you have learned with others should not be a scary thing, or something to hide. You should be willing to tell others and get them to grow with you.


  2. Sign up for as many training courses as you can!

    But the lesson I want to share with you today is to stay for them. If its an hour long, stay the whole hour. Don’t leave in the first ten minutes thinking you already heard it all or you already know that.

    Stay till the end, you signed up for it to learn, there might be that one key that you need to take you over the top. If you leave early you will lose out and be left behind.


Trainings…..Listening….You can never have enough if you want to reach the sky. Hearing others tell their story and share their experiences can be comforting knowing you are not alone.

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