What would you like to do today?


This time of year it always seems to be “blaw”. It’s just after the holidays and the house looks empty and plain. It dark outside and probably snowing or raining depending on where you live. What to do?

While rainy days can put a damper on your outdoor activity options, they don’t have to completely kill the mood between you and your loved ones. Fun activities that can take place indoors can help to put a gloomy day to good use. You and your partner can enjoy finding things to do that will occupy you and bring you closer together.
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Here are some ideas, if you don’t have other plans.

Have a movie marathon, make popcorn and turn on Netflix or pull out those DVD or VHS. If you are like me they are collecting dust somewhere on the bookshelf. If you can’t agree on what to watch, alternate or flip a coin.

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Games are always fun.

Where did you hide all those board games you played with the kids? You know like Monopoly, Yahtzee or Scrabble. Or better yet turn on the Kinect and get some exercise or compete in a great bowling game. Playing games that you need to cooperate in can bring you closer together.   If it’s just the two of you, there is always poker which pieces of clothing can be bet upon.


Away from the House


If staying home doesn’t sound like fun, then stepping out in the rain and into museum, or art studio. Take a trip to the local movie theater or the dance club can boost you energy.


Or if you like the outdoors, bundle up and go play in the snow, find some snow shoes and go for a walk, get on those snowmobiles or 4-wheelers and go for a ride. Build a snowman, who said that was just for kids! Or if you are the romantic type, just kissing in the rain can be a dream come true.


“Man on Wire”
In this beautiful and poetic tribute to the Twin Towers, acrobat Philippe Petite, recounts his mission—unbeknownst to anyone working at One Trade Center—of sneaking onto the roof, setting up a cable and performing his tightrope act, walking, between the two towers, across the two hundred foot chasm. It’s a wonderful doc that almost seems like an old heist movie from the gritty 70s.
Alternate Pick: “Touching the Void”
The true story of two young guys who successfully climb Siula Grande in the Perucian Andes (a feat never achieved before), only to face horror on their decent when one of them breaks their leg. The duo face so many difficulties, you’ll think this is a work of fiction.

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Do you have Ideas to share with me?   Come and let me know what you think!


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