Do you get rejected when you market you videos?


It probably is how you start and what you include in your speaking. Jumping right in and giving the sales pitch is a big turn off for many. Mike and I like to see some sort of value. Have you given them something that they can use.

Or do you offer some form of help. People tend to have a problem that they are trying to solve or need a different grove to follow.


  1. Should You Lead With Opportunity Or Not In Social Media Videos

    Your main goal in a video is to provide that value so they will come in closer, or come back for more. That is where you gain leads and then bridge them into the sale of your opportunity.

    What kind of value can you share. Want to be included in Mike’s training. CLICK HERE and you can get access to his training and a lot more.

  2. Ignite Your Sales with RocketWheel Explainer Videos

    Want to learn how to share what you are doing in a video? How can you tell you story and get people interested in what you are doing?

    RocketWheel produces premium explainer videos and software demos to bring your story to life. Take a look at some highlights from previous work we have done. Doing a video in a much different way.

    Selling in a video is a great visual for people to connect, people like to watch and see what things are all about.



Give value to your followers and they will keep following. Lets learn how to build a network and show them that selling is not punching them in the face to get them to buy.

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