Taking on a challenge can come in many forms!
It started about twenty-two years ago. A baby came into this world; it was an easy and quick delivery, being the second child. His parents were so excited for a boy, because they had a daughter and this balanced it out. His mother thought his was the perfect baby; he slept most of the first night she brought him home. He didn’t fuss much compared to her daughter that was quite the opposite.As time went on it became noticeable that he wasn’t talking and he seemed to not pay attention when called. At doctors checkups he was growing right with the charts and they said he was going through a phase of being independent. His mother and babysitter tried to determine, on their own what they thought was wrong.
Finally they started to realize something. When he was looking at you he minded, and when not he went about his own business. She took him back to the doctor and insisted that they give him a hearing test. Come to find out, he was hard of hearing. Being born that way, he adapted to reading lips so well, it was just second nature to him.

Finding out that he could only hear low sounds and none of the high sounds he was given a set of hearing aids. Being four years old and having things in your ears seemed a little strange. But to his mothers amazement after the first day there was no stopping him. It was fun to watch. He would stop constantly and try to find the noise he was hearing. For the first time he heard the birds, the TV, and all the different sounds most take for granted, like the refrigerator. He would just wonder around finding this and that.

Preschool started. Since he had a disability, he got to start early. It wasn’t like others, he had to learn how to speak clearly and fill in the sounds that he could not hear. Then the next challenge was to read and write. This was even harder, because reading the letters have a different sound than speaking the letters. As new school year came and went it brought on a new challenge, being from a small, rural school, they did not have a lot of special needs children. Getting the teachers to adapt to him was up to his mother and father. His mother was not going to let him get behind.

Bullies!! It’s amazing what kids can do when they do not understand things. To his defense he had a great asset looking after him … his older sister. When she was around, they left him alone.
With the persistence of his parents and giving him the mindset that he is no different from anybody else he graduated high school with honors and was accepted to college. College was a great experience for him. Through his studies he got to go to Africa for three weeks to help with their schools and clinics.
Who is this young man……my son!


Now as you can see he has taken another challenge and running a race to the top.

I am a proud mom, for my Son on his birthday ran the Scott FireFighters stairclimb:
“That is 69 flights of stairs in full gear in 25 minutes.”

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society a great organization. To contribute to the is foundation CLICK HERE. And support Brian in his Climb for the Cause.


When you look at challenges and where you want to be in your life. Look around you and see what others are doing! Are there people out there that give you that push. Is there something that you really want and think it is out of your reach?

Get out and go for it, find the things you need to help you achieve. Give what you have and help others.

I can pat myself on the back to see how I helped my son to give him the hope and confidence on how he helps others. Now its my turn to pass this around in my own life and share what I have learned.

Do you have a challenge to meet? Or know of someone else who has shown you the courage that you needed? Come and share.

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