Do you ever wonder how people do it?


Everyone want to feel better, have more energy and accomplish more in a day then ever before. I have found two articles that will help you in setting your life in motion.


  • Why You Should Take on Two (and Only Two) Tough Problems at Once

    Have you ever had difficult problems in our work and personal lives that can’t be solved with step-by-step strategies. Do you find yourself making it more complicated that you want it to be. In order to avoid frustration and burnout, you should take on two of these kinds of problems at a one time, but no more.

    Simply trying to do too many things can be make you feel overwhelmed and tired. It can start piling up and you will never get anything done.


    “Two is better than one as it allows you to switch your focus if you get stuck (or fed up) with one task. But two is still small enough that your mind can keep the various pieces properly sorted and available for serendipitous reconfiguration”


    On his blog, author and assistant professor Cal Newport discusses the difference between “decidable” and “undecidable” tasks. A decidable task is a problem that can be solved with a systematic procedure applied to it until the solution is clear. These are problems like completing your busy work or cleaning a messy house. An undecidable task is a problem that’s much larger and is unclear how to solve it. Problems like a writer trying to come up with a new idea for a book or a business owner trying to regain lost profits.

    As you read more, he talks about identifying problems and shifting your focus from tasks that will take more work and ones that can be done quickly. When you have no answers on one problem, you can switch to another one. That way you don’t get yourself beat up by never finding a solution. (which is probably right in front of you all along, you are just to worked up to see it.)


  • How to Drink More Water Every Daywater

    I have heard that if you take your weight and divide it in half, that is the amount of ounces of water you should be drinking everyday. That is if you like water, and are use to drinking that much. It can be a challenge when you get started, but doing it everyday you will start to feel better and it does give you more energy.

    The article I found gives you five different methods to help you get your water intake for the day. She gives you ideas like playing games and keeping charts. Challenging family members or roommates with prizes at the end of the week. She shares how to have water convenient or making yourself reminders.

    Here is an example of one of her games:

    Determine how long you will be playing the game. An easy time-frame to remember is the first to the last day of the month.
    Decide how much each glass of water is worth. Since you’ll be contributing that amount of money to the piggy bank (or collection jar or bowl), make sure it’s an amount that everyone playing can afford.
    Every time you drink a full 8 oz. glass of water, make a note of it. You can keep a simple tally in a notebook you carry around with you, keep track on your mobile phone, or create a log on your computer. Make sure that you play this game with people who you trust won’t cheat!
    At the end of each day or week, deposit the value of water you drank into your communal bank.
    When the game ends, count who contributed the most money to the bank. That person not only earned all the money, but they also drank the most water that month! If there’s a tie, split the bounty.

    This article also explains a way to substitute water for other beverages and drinking before meals and then sipping on it during.



Do you need a system to help you out? One that you can follow along and get help as you go. Come and find out what else we can share with you.

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