How and What do you do when you grow up?


When you are a young child, everybody always asks you what you want to do when you grow up! Well it seems like when you do, you wish you never answered that question because in reality you didn’t want to GROW UP at all!

I found two articles that can help you in keeping your child hood and helping you relate to what happened.


  1. Turn Your Favorite Stuffed Animal into a Custom Bookend

    Do you have a favorite toy or stuffed animal that you have had it seems like forever? I have found a way for you to still have these on your self and people will not give you flack about it!

    Have you ever thought about turning them into paper weights, or book ends. Make that beloved toy last far beyond bedtime and nap time with this simple re purposing technique to transform any stuffed animal into a custom bookend using sand and a needle and thread. Here’s how.

    Read more :

    This blog will show you step by step of what you need to do in order to have that memory last though out your life time.

  2. How to Know when You Are Grown Up

    Adulthood doesn’t magically arrive with a number. The day you reach 18 or 21 isn’t a day that arrives equipped with the manual for adulthood. Yet, there comes a day when growing up is either essential or simply creeps up on you. Knowing that you’ve reached that point is often an issue of acceptance and learning to change your ways to both outwardly and inwardly adopt more mature behaviors.

    Here are five tips to help you determine if you have grown up or not:

    1. You actually think about the future.
    2. You care about your weight and health.
    3. You start appreciating the finer things in life
    4. You reminisce about “the good times”
    5. You’re content with less sleep.

    Well maybe content with less sleep, or is that all that you have time for. Growing up is never easy and we all wish at some point that we can be the carefree kids that we all used to be.


What do you want to remember about your childhood? Do you have a passion that you want to tell others about. Learn how to have a grown-up income by sharing what you love with others. CLICK BELOW!

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