What would your day be like if you could do things a little different?


Try doing the opposite of what you normally do and see how your day is. Call it opposite day if you like. Ever tried wearing your clothes backwards or mixing up your daily routine. Its a good brain exercise and kind of fun in a silly way.


  1. How to Make an Opposite Themed Bingo Game

    1. Create your bingo cards. Position the “FREE” space in the middle of the board under the “N” column.
    2. Think of keywords that are opposites of each other.
    3. Write the keywords around the cards
    4. Distribute the cards out before the game starts.
    5. Call out the opposite vocabulary word
    6. Declare a winner.To get your printable template and more detail CLICK HERE

  2. How to Write With Your Opposite Hand

    Practice writing with your non-dominant hand for a month or more.

    If you’re a lefty attempting to write with your right hand, turn the page 30 degrees counter clockwise. If you’re a righty attempting to write with your left hand, turn the page 30 degrees clockwise.
    Do not “claw” your hand. It may be tempting to grasp the pencil as tightly as possible, causing your hand to ball up like a claw but this will stop you from writing effectively and can end up hurting. Take note of how your hand is positioned and loosen it up now and then as you write.

    Our brains can be trained to do just about anything, we just need to practice and want to make it happen.

  3. Challenge word for today was Opposite

    Every Friday LindaGHill gives us a writing prompt and this week is was for the word “Opposite”.

    Its a fun way to get ideas and to see how other people think.

    Come and Join us at: The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS January 10/15socs-badge


Come and blog about your passion. Can you find things you want to share with others, then learn how to make money doing that. Its a lot of fun…..Don’t miss out.

3 thoughts on “2 Opposite Hacks That Can Be Creative And Do Things A Little Different

  1. I’ve tried writing left-handed, as my right is more or less inoperable. It’s harder than it looks. Fortunately, I can type with one hand, and 99 percent of what I need to do I can type on the computer or my phone.

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