Do you have your own business?


Do you try to have healthy meals on the table at an hour that every one wants to eat?

Tonight was a prime example of throw together, write blog and do ten other things at once, kind of night.

I have a large collection of cook books, it always seem to find another one that looks like it might have a great recipe to try. The pictures are so enticing and things look so delicious.

I think I have two book shelves full of ideas. Anything from healthy cooking, light cooking to the good stuff like cookies and deserts.

Dinner tonight was Spaghetti and Texas Toast.  First of all, I thought I had two half packages of meatballs in the freezer.  Thawed them out to put in the sauce and they were not both meatballs, one was chicken tenders.  Oh well a little short, back to blog while this warmed up, then the noodles decided to go all over the counter and the floor.  Managed to save enough to boil.   Oh well, back to blog.   I had a good idea and had to get it done.

All and All….We had a good meal and I got my blog done.  Lesson learned,  do one thing at a time.  Yeah right!


Come see what I came up with to share out of the collection I have, then share at the end.



  1. Michael Symon’s 5 in 5

    Michael Symon is the co-host of the Chew.

    What I like about this book is that he takes 5 fresh ingredients Adds 5 minutes and that equals 120 Fantastic dinners.

    Who has five minutes to make dinner?

    Click Here to Learn More About Michael Symon’s 5 in 5

  2. Campbell’s 3 Books in 1

    This is a great book that gives you ideas for every day cooking, Casseroles, and one-dish meals to slow cooker recipes.

    It two uses 4 ingredients or less. Of course those are the main items, there are seasonings and sides to go with.

    Campbell’s makes great cookbooks, with all of their soups comes all the things you can do with them.

    Click Here to Learn More About Campbell’s 3 Books in 1

  3. 3 Books in 1

    This book gives you a variety it goes mainly by calorie. The trade mark on it if Favorite Brand Name. That is all.

    The first section is 100 calorie snacks
    the Second section is 200 calorie desserts
    and the third is 300 calorie main dishes

    Just pick what you want and dive in.



What do you seem to collect? Besides cook book, I also have a lot of cookie cutters, but that will be another blog. Come back and see.


Let me know of what your favorite cook book is and just maybe I have it, or need it. My husband says I do not use the ones I have but you never know what you can make if you get more.

3 thoughts on “Does Dinner have to suffer, because you have a home business?

  1. I collect vintage crockery but never use it as I am too afraid to break it. (I have two young boys) I also collect vintage cut glass when scouting around in the charity shops I just can’t resist if I see a vase!

    1. I remember having kids run around the house. I feel for you. The day will come for you to get creative. Don’t resist. I know how you feel. I get that way, as you can tell from my blog, but I also can’t resist purses, and shoes.

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