Do you have tools that you use on a daily basis?


I would be lost without my calendar and contact list. I have found a couple of places where i can keep myself together no matter where I am. I have a Google account. It includes mail, contacts, calendar, documents, photos. It has phone service, maps, and so much more all in one place.

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  1. It Starts with Gmail

    How I got on Google and found all the tools, was finding a free email address that I could use on all my devices. I came across It seemed new at the time that I joined, but it just seemed to grow and keeps adding what you can do. I now have many different gmail accounts for different purposes.

    I can keep my personal separate from my business. I can have photos and documents sorted and uploaded to my different gmail accounts. Its a great way to keep individual items together and sorted.

    You can keep different calendars, yet tie them all together on the widget. Color coding them will show you which process or account that it belongs to.

    Another cool thing about having gmail with your family is that you can share calendars. That way you can keep track of where your family is, or if they are busy and in a meeting or appointment, you will be able to know why they do not answer their phone.

    If you don’t have one of these account, go check it out. It is a great tool.

    Click Here to Learn More About It Starts with Gmail


  2. Sticky Notessticky note pic

    Who likes sticky notes?

    You know the ones that you have all over your desk, or wall, or refrigerator? What is on the one in front of you?

    Do you think of things as you do others? That is what I am talking about. You do not want to forget what your brain is remembering when you are doing others tasks.

    Sticky notes.

    Who ever invented the little glue they put on the paper to get it to stick to anything, yet come off just as easily is a rich guy now. Would you like to invent something like that?




Do you like to be organized, have a laid out plan in front of you?

Do you like to have step by step plans put before you to help you make more money?

Then you just need to follow and come check this final tool out.

What are you waiting for?

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and questions in the comments below. I read them, and respond.

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