Can you be described in just ONE word?

There is a discussion that has been going on for some time now on LinkedIn about:

“What is the ONE WORD you want people to think of when they think of you?”


Most people have an idea of how they want to be perceived by their peers – but is it consistent with your actions? Is your idea of your own Personal Brand consistent with how your friends, co-workers and colleagues think of you?

It is amazing to see that over 21,000 people have responded and can come up with one word that will describe them. Can you think of just one word that will tell others what you are all about?


This type of an article can really get you thinking.

You want to answer!

What can you come up with that will best describe you?

Do I have you thinking yet?


There can be many ways to describe what you are all about, but coming up with just one word for others to see can be quite hard. You don’t want to come on strong, or weak. You want people to see what you are all about and think of you as that word.


I can come up with helpful, caring, polite, and organized.


Leave me a comment and let me know what word you came up with.


P.S. If you joined the conversation how did you answer and why?


Come and join me in listening to others share their story and let you know what they are all about!
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