Think about how many times you have fallen and have gotten up? Did you ever do that again, or did you just walk away and give up?


Failing is a fear that many do not want to face, but in reality you must fail in order to grow. How you deal with that fear is up to you.   Do you run and hide or do you stand up and face it full force?


I like to put on my boxing gloves and go for it. I remember when I started school; I had an older sister who was just two years ahead of me, so close enough in school that all the teachers knew who I was. I was Nancy’s sister. I had to deal with that every year; the teachers knew what kind of student she was, so they all assumed that I would follow in her footsteps. I needed to find and show them my individuality. Did I cower down and just go through school as the younger sister; NO I made a name for myself. I had to buck up and do things my way, I had to come………Continue Reading


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