Have you ever had a really horrible day at work?


I had one of those today! I had been gone to the most amazing seminar over the last four days and I was kind of tired. Not really wanting to go back to work. I knew what the day was going to entail and got there kind of early.

I started in and off it went. Each process I tried to do took twice as long as I wanted it to. I had problem after problem. And mind you I had been gone so the pile on my desk was there too.

After getting all sweaty the first hour I just wanted to cry. The help I was getting was just putting the blame on others and not offering much help.

Can you relate to a job like that?

Well, I will tell you what I did. But first I want to lift your spirit and get you in a better mode like I did. Watch

  1. How To Win A Street Fight With Head Movement, Learn Simple (But Awesome) Street Fighting Techniques

    You can learn how to win a street fight simply by learning how to move your head! If you make your opponent miss, you stay safe and he gets tired… then it becomes easy to win a street fight.

    Set up the punches and learn how to never get hit and wear out your opponent. That will make your day a little brighter wont it?

  2. Really bad day at work

    Hands down the funniest worker caught on security cam quitting of all TIME.

    This is great, it will make you laugh, and want to quit right along with him. I have had many days where I would love to just do this and not worry about it.

    How about you?

    How well do you love your job? Do you wish there was something that could let you be you? I like to tell stories, some people think I talk to much, because I can ramble on from subject to subject. I think that is my release point.

    What do you do to release your energy when you had a bad day at work?

    Do you clean, do you just throw it all in the garbage? Do you just pile it all up and stare at it? How about just pushing it all on the floor and stomping on it?

  3. Really bad day at work

    Ha ha the title say it all!
    I guess this is what you can call a really bad day at work!This one is great. Except I work in IT and now I would have to fix it so he could get the rest of his work done. That would just make my day even worse.

    Do you have a job where other rely on you or do you work for yourself and can only get mad at your surrounding?

    I will now tell you what I did…..I started something that makes me happy, so when things get frustrating, tiring, out of control or you just need to get away you have a place of your own. I started blogging!”


What do I mean when I way I started blogging?


When you have a really hard day its good to sit down and blog about it. It gets the uptight feeling out of your soul and fills it with inspiration and motivation to keep going and reach for higher things.


Come and get a taste of what will help with those bad day so you can be free again and again and again.


Let me know how you handle your bad days. Are they comparable to the videos?



P.S. Did you comment Yet?

2 thoughts on “Struggles With The Bad Day At The Office

  1. Hi Sandy I know all about those bad days at work! They are bummers. My last job I had I worked in a Mcdonalds and I did not really care about working there but I put my best effort into making my job good. I always showed up early and always did my job. Though of course there was those co workers and managers who did not care for what I did. So one day I got up and quit. I not big on people who are haters.

    All The Best

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