How my daughter put fun back in my life. Now that my kids are grown what do I do?


Are you still the mother or the best friend. Do they call you all the time for no reason at all? And start counting as they do it? 1 2 3…


Do they call for advise on every turn? Do they want to go shopping and help you be hip and let you know what looks good on you? Do they give you encouragement or tell you that really sucks. Do they just take things away; Fix it and hand it back, then say there all better, or “I win!”.


Raising kids can be a challenge and a great enjoyment. They can have you at your wit’s end and then turn around and have you laughing all in one setting. I went through the struggles. I wanted a job and a family like most people at the time.


I was so excited to find out I was going to have a baby. My boss didn’t though; I lost my job when I was nine months pregnant, I cried and gave birth to a colicky baby. She was late and after 28 hours she decided it was her time. I should have known what the rest of the story was going to be like.


Being my first it was all new and exciting, yet on the other hand exhausting. Have you ever heard of the anxiety women go through after birth. It’s quite something when a nice person can turn into a horrible animal. I had this bundle of joy who within a couple of hours had both of us ready to scream. She became Daddy’s little girl, because that was my release.


Fiery spirit of a daughter


This fiery little girl had the luxury of going to a small town High School. It gave her the attention that she needed because the classrooms were small. Yet, some would disagree that small schools are a disadvantage. See it didn’t have the opportunities that large schools had, so her Dad and I gave her the opportunity to play sports from an early age.


We traveled to places that could help her exceed in the things that made her happy. There were many sacrifices we took and many obstacles we had to face. We had to find the time and the money to help her in finding her dream.



Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you did not experience some of the special moments, or even the horrible ones. Where do you think you would be today?


YOUR STORY has meaning, and if you let go and share it with others, you will find that there are a lot of people out there that can learn from you.



Isn’t that what parents do?

They live for their kids.

Find out how below.


I am proud of my daughter, she knew what she wanted to do. It was to play softball. Getting straight A’s got her into the college she wanted and the love of her sport. She was the number one pitcher for her college team and loved ever minute of it.


Now that she is grown and out on her own, she is still here to give back to the ones who got her there. She has joined me in my business and is becoming more like my best friend, even though I have to remind her that she still has to mind me once in a while. He, He, I am still her MOM.


The power of giving can be so great, how can one put fun back in.


What I want to know is your story and how you can relate with mine?


This world is filled with all kinds of people and knowing what you want and going for it can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it!


Could you be inspired to share your experiences to help others out with theirs?

What’s your story?


P.S. Did you comment yet?

Have you shared your story today?

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